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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book reports (You can steal this shit)

Dear teacher,
Recently I have been reading a book called Mad Dogs, the author is Robert Muchamore. This is the 8th book in the CHERUB series. CHERUB is an organization that uses children as spies. The reason is because no one ever expects kids to be spies. The main character is James. He is working along with his friend Bruce, to become members of the gang Mad Dogs. A man called Sasha Thompson is the leader of it, he’s a notoriously brutal criminal. Mad dogs is the football team that Sasha runs, so most of the members of the gang have a kick about, then return to his basement for some poker and booze. The reason James is chosen for this mission is because of a mission he was previously on, where he was to befriend a drug barons child, Junior Moore. Junior has now gone off the rails, doing cocaine, weed and drinking a lot. He rarely goes to school. James makes friends with him again straight away. Bruce impresses Sasha with his amazing football skills. Bruce is a black belt at karate, so his hand eye coordination transfers beautifully on to a football pitch. James got involved with a hotel robbery with a 21 year old called Wheels. He’s an amazing driver. They sort of become business partners and they went and collected an unfair amount of rent from a shopkeeper. During this time, Wheel’s get’s his elbow smashed up by a girl trying to defend her dad with a cricket bat. James and Bruce get set up with a business of setting up surveilence on a hard front (Basically an enforced steel door, with a letterbox, money is passed through, drugs are passed out.)
After the surveillance, the whole gang raids it, just as they are getting a delivery of cocaine coming in. They steal the drugs and the cocaine. It’s the perfect crime, as the criminals can’t go to the police saying that their drug money has been stolen.
Sasha is planning out one big raid, but it’s to do with airports, so there’s a lot of security, and the workers there aren’t afraid to shoot if they think you’re dangerous. You’ll have to read the book to see what happens.
These are nice guys you’re gonna be meeting,’ Junior explained. ‘They put a lot of money my way, but don’t mess with them. Especially Sasha.’
‘Who’s Sasha?’ Bruce asked innocently.
‘Serious Gangster,’ Junior said. ‘I’m OK with him because he goes back to my dad and the old days, but he’s ruthless. He was in a country pub one time and this dude bumped in to him and called him a “clumsy ******”. Sasha had two of his boys drag him outside. They tied him to the bumper of a transit van and drove five miles before cutting what was left of him left.’
‘S***,’ James gasped. He’d read many similar stories about Sasha Thompson and the Mad Dogs, but this particular anecdote hadn’t appeared in the mission briefing.
-Chapter 24, page 189,190
I like this part because at the start, it shows what Junior is like, through the language he uses. Like saying “gonna,” it shows us that he is not posh. It shows that Bruce and James are well educated on the subject of the Mad Dog’s and Sasha Thompson. It shows that Sasha’s a scary man, because his men will do anything for him. It also shows that he’s very smart, and doesn’t get directly involved with anything illegal, by getting his guys to kill the man.
I would definitely rate this book a 10/10. I would recommend it to boys, but who are mature enough to handle sex, and swearing, there’s also some pretty good violence. I wouldn’t recommend it to people below 7th grade.

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