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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Social Studies Project again

So I finally managed to finish my Social Studies project. It only took me about half an hour of decent work, but boy did it feel like longer. I should stop procrastinating though, as the project is 2 days late already. But the teacher should be alright with me, considering I've been away for the last, 4 or so classes with him. Ahh well, at least it's done. 


  1. lol glad im in college and don't have to fuck around with "projects" anymore

  2. Procrastinating sucks, but it's so easy to do it!

  3. These days aren't good anymore, it's exams coming up now, but teachers still think it's fine to give us tests. We have finals next week, but I'll have had 3 tests by the end of this week, even though we have finals. I can't wait till I'm out of school.

  4. @R. Mot, yeah, it's way too easy to do, that's what's annoying about it :(

  5. Lol still in school? glad im in college im out already =]


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