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Monday, May 2, 2011

Strange things I have eaten/put my mouth to

This year, I was on a trip with my school, and a few of my friends found a grasshopper in a glass of water. They dared me to do it, with a reasonable reward of 50 bucks if I ate it. So being the stupid person that I am, I decided to. It wasn't actually too bad. I never got these 50 bucks :(

When I was younger, I was out in the forest with my family, and my cousins were there. I'd always had a love/hate relationship with my cousin who was a girl, so I said "I'd rather kiss a snail than kiss you" So to emphasize my point, I picked up a snail, and kissed it right on the gooey part. Never again.

I was on the trampoline with some friends, and we found a lady bird. Apparently it would have been hilarious if I had eaten it, so I decided to. I didn't have any water, so I just had to swallow it (without biting of course) Not a great choice.

This weekend, I was out at a restaurant with my friends, eating Quail. We found the heart of the quail, and of course, it was me who was looked to to eat it. So yes, I ate it.

When I was out at an Indian restaurant with my grandparents, we ordered some fish. The fish came with skin on, and it's eyes still in tact. My grandad thought it would be hilarious if I ate the fish eye, so I did. I chewed it, and it was not a pleasant experience.

If I can remember any more, I'll blog about them, but for now, here's a GIF of Bear Grylls eating strange things.


  1. God that .gif is disgusting. I have no words..

  2. Lol, you see the one where he lived in a camel?

  3. Hahaha...I've eaten some weird things as well but nothing that wasn't cooked 9if it needed to be)

  4. @Xiism: Yeah, it's totally disgusting :D
    @GoatBlogger: Yeah, I have no idea how he did it without just leaving, have you seen the ones where he just eats all the stuff he finds? And drinks the juice from elephant poop?
    @Sean: Haha, I guess I'm just very strange then.

    Thanks for commenting guys :)