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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book reports (You can steal this shit) more

Letter essay 3- The Hunger Games

Dear teacher
I’ve recently read a book called the hunger games. It’s by Suzanne Collins. It’s absolutely amazing. I would rate this book a definite 10/10. Suzanne Collins has been able to capture the brutal world of the Hunger Games, whilst also capturing the romance and mystery between 3 of the main characters. The man character is Katniss, the 2 other main characters are gale, and Peeta. Katniss is 16, she lives with her mum and 12 year old sister, after their dad died in a mining explosion. Gale is 18, and supports his whole family. Peeta is 16 aswell. His family are bakers. They all live in a district 12. The whole place is what used to be north America. It’s now called Panem. There are 13 districts, but the 13th one has been destroyed by the Capitol. The reason for this is because they tried to rebel against the Capitol. Now the Capitol host the Hunger Games. A yearly event where 2 people are chosen at random from each district. A boy and a girl. When you are 12, you are entered once, and then every year you get older, you get another entry. You can also get yourself votes, as you get rice and oil for it. They get piled in to an arena, which is giant, and is like a forest. They get given weapons, and have to fight to the death, until 1 person remains victorious. Katniss’s sister is the name who gets called out for the girl tribute. Katniss immediately volunteers herself, as she doesn’t want her 12 year old sister in there. The other tribute is Peeta Mellark, the bakers son.
Quote from the book
"I'm coming back into focus when Caesar asks him if he has a girlfriend back home. Peeta hesitates, then gives an unconvincing shake of his head. 

Handsome lad like you. There must be some special girl. Come on, what’s her name?" says Caesar. 

Peeta sighs. "Well, there is this one girl. I’ve had a crush on her ever since I can remember. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t know I was alive until the reaping." 

Sounds of sympathy from the crowd. Unrequited love they can relate to. 

She have another fellow?" asks Caesar. 

I don’t know, but a lot of boys like her," says Peeta. 

So, here’s what you do. You win, you go home. She can’t turn you down then, eh?" says Caesar encouraging-ly. 

I don’t think it’s going to work out. Winning...won’t help in my case," says Peeta. 

Why ever not?" says Caesar, mystified. 

Peeta blushes beet red and stammers out. "Because...because...she came here with me." 
This passage is a very important part of the book. It makes people love Peeta and Katniss, because now they are considered a couple. It also makes Katniss want Peeta to survive more.
I would recommend this book to people in 8th grade and above. The reason for this is because it has a lot of graphic violence in it.
I hope that you enjoy reading it.

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  1. Wtfff, it's all dark. It's still there though, just highlight it all.