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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Social Studies Project

So right now, I should be working on a Social Studies project, but instead, I'm on blogspot and Facebook. The project is very big, and I'm going to be missing the next 2 classes, so I'm screwed if I don't do well on this project, but I just can't find the will to do it. It's not a very interesting project, but I'm just plain lazy. Do you guys have any special techniques you use to help you stay interested in something, and to do your work? 


  1. Sounds like me, man. Can never stay focused. :/

  2. I know what your talking about, but you have to do its, im offline now and doing something for my IT studies, I'll hope this motivates you al lil bit ;)

  3. I listen to music, it always keeps me focused.

  4. I'm with you... Tomorrow I have to do some exams and I learned nothing


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