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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In case you ever needed it.

So I decided out of pure boredom (and not wanting to study for my exams) that I'd post my book reports. I've got 6 I think, and they're all plagurism free (The plagurised one I will not be posting) So they're all original work, so you probably wouldn't get caught for using them. I give all of you 100% permission to use them.

Dear teacher.
I have recently read a book called “A child called It” I think that maybe the title could be better, but regardless of that, it’s a definite 10.In the prologue, his school principal has informed the police that his mum has been beating him, and the nurse checks him over daily for bruises and injuries. His mum makes him lie about them every day, saying that they were all accidents.  In chapter 1, the boy has a perfect family. He has 2 brothers and has lovely parents. They live in a nice two-bedroom house. The live in San Francisco and can see the Golden Gate Bridge through the windows. Everything seems to be going good, but then it starts to turn bad.
The mother is taking food away from him, and is playing torture games with him. He is being made to keep his hands in scalding hot water. When he takes them out, the mother beats him. His breakfast is his brother’s leftover cereal; he gets a few pieces of cereal, and half a bowl of milk. His mum was a very talented cook, but she has turned bad. She doesn’t wear any make up, is always hung over and has gotten fat. She used to be perfect, but now with her change, her attitude and mood has changed.
The book is written in first person, and is a tragedy story, but also a story of hope. The boy feels hope when he gets to eat, he feels like he has won for that day. Here is an example from the book of one of these triumphs.
She’s trying to make the boy eat one of his brothers soiled diapers
I held my breath, the smell was overpowering. I tried to focus on the top corner of the diaper. Seconds seemed like hours. Mother must have known my plan. She slammed my face into the diaper and rubbed it from side to side. I anticipated her move. As I felt my head being forced down, I closed my eyes tightly and clamped my mouth shut. My nose struck at first. A warm sensation oozed from my nostrils. I tried to stop the blood from escaping by breathing in. I snorted the bits of defecation back up my nose with the blood. I threw my hands on the counter top and tried to pry myself out of her grip. I twisted from side to side with all my strength, but she was too powerful. Suddenly mother let go. “They’re back!” she gasped. Mother snatched a wash cloth from the sink and threw it at me “clean the shit off your face” she bellowed as she wiped the brown stains from the counter top. I wiped my face the best I could, but not before blowing bits of defecation from my nose. Moments later, mother stuffed a piece of napkin up my bloody nose and ordered me to sit in the corner. I sat there for the rest of the evening, still smelling traces of the diaper through my nose. The family never returned to Russian River.”

I like this part because it shows that if he tries hard, he won’t always have to do the terrible things his mum tries to make him do. This shows that he is very determined. It makes me feel good when I read parts where he wins and he doesn’t have to do what the mum says.
I think that it has quite good plot development, I like how it progresses towards freedom. What I don’t like how the start is when he is with the police, but then it goes back to his life with the mum and his family. It means that the whole book must be a flashback, which I find quite confusing, and not normally the way to write a book.
One of the saddest moments of the book was when the boy got stabbed, and then nobody cared. The mum threw a knife at him. Even though he was hurt terribly, the mum still made him work 20 minutes later. The mum did change the bandage and things like that for him. Probably because if the authorities found out, she could say she did as much as she could to help.
I definitely recommend this book to everyone who can handle sad stories. It is a very sad book, so is probably better for more mature readers.
Sincerely, Liam.

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