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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama's dead, hmmm.

So everyone's raving about Osama's death, but is it really a good thing. Yeah, he killed loads of Americans, and it was a horrid thing to happen, but now what's going to happen? He's got a lot of loyal followers, and I won't be surprised when we start seeing revenge attacks, although Osama being killed was a revenge attack from America. I have friends at the American School in Lahore, and in Karachi, and I'm pretty worried for them, as it seems quite likely that a place like that would be targeted. I don't think that the celebrations outside the White House really helped, as that would have just infuriated Osama's followes even more. I'm sick of seeing all of the Facebook statuses saying "Yay, Osama's dead" Or "Americans killed Osama, they have to always ruin the fun!" (Yes, someone I know posted this, it's totally retarded) But I think having Osama captured, and then put in prison would have been more effective than having him killed. Also, where's the proof of his death? I know Obama has said it's happened, but I'd like to see pictures. 

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