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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last book report.

Letter Essay 6, The recruit.

Dear teacher
I have recently read a book by Robert Muchamore, called ‘The Recruit’. It’s a very good book, and I’d certainly give it a 10. It’s part of a series called Cherub. It’s the first book in the series, and it introduces most of the main characters of the series. The main character is a blonde guy called James. James is very lazy, but also extremely clever at maths, like, he can work out giant maths problems in 3 seconds. James gets in to lot’s of trouble at school, when he pushes a girl, who was making fun of him. He didn’t realize, but there was a giant nail sticking out of the wall, and her face caught on it. He ran away from the school, and sat in a playground. When he got home, his mum was drinking, but she was taking pills, because she was massively obese. She ran a shoplifting network from her arm chair. James had to go and pick is sister, Lauren, up from school, and when they got back, his mum was dead on the couch. The next few chapters James is at a childrens home, and Lauren gets taken away by her step father, who doesn’t want james. James goes to his old house, and get’s in to his mums safe, and takes out 44,000 pounds. He keeps it all. One of the days, he wakes up, and he’s in a different home, and he walks around, and talks to the chairman, and finds out that he is at a child spy camp. James trains to become a spy, and has to go through the 100 day long grueling, basic training. James has to learn to swim in 3 weeks. He becomes a black belt, as many of the ‘Cherubs’ are. He learns Russian, and many of the Cherubs are fluent in 4 languages. After James passes basic training, with a very big struggle, he goes on his first undercover mission. This one involves bio terrorism, has some nature killing kids, and a bit of romance. I think that the author is writing about a very interesting topic, so that’s why his writing is so good. Here is an excerpt from the book.
A terrorist doesn’t let strangers in her flat because they might be undercover police or intelligence agents, but her children bring their mates home and they run all over the place. The terrorist doesn’t know that a kid has bugged every room in her house, cloned the hard drive on her PC, and copied all the numbers in her phone book. The kid works for CHERUB. CHERUB is not James Bond. There are no master criminals or high-tech gadgets. CHERUB kids live in the real world. They slip under adult radar and get information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail. For official purposes, these children do not exist.”
This basically tells you what Cherub is about, and why kids are useful. I think this is a good piece to use, as it tells you what to expect, and also excites you a bit. I’d suggest this book to people over 12, although, I read it in 5th grade, and understood it all.
I hope you consider reading it,

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